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What is the MMI?

Developed by the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University, the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview system) is a proven system for reliably assessing the soft skills of candidates in the academic, public, and corporate sectors.

Introducing the members of the Prospecthr MMI Board of Directors and Management Team.

Craig Wood P.Eng.

Chief Executive Officer Prospecthr MMI

Craig Wood, a Professional Engineer, graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After his military service, Craig had extensive experience in the manufacturing, oil and gas, agricultural and service industry. Craig has owned and operated his own businesses in manufacturing, consulting and as a provider of HR assessment products.

During Craig’s career, he realized that talent was key to the success of any organization. He worked to develop teams, leadership and succession plans for the organizations he led. Providing different assessments to various clients, he developed a track record of helping organizations to maximize and leverage their current employees as well as to identify new members who would not only fit with the existing culture but add value to the team.

Now as the Chief Executive Officer for Prospecthr MMI, Craig focuses his attention on developing the potential of the MMI to assist current and prospective clients with their recruitment, talent development and assessment goals. You can reach Craig at

Glen Norton, CPA, CMA, MBA

Chairman of the Prospecthr MMI Board

Glen Norton is currently the Director of Economic Development for a mid-sized Canadian city. Prior to joining the ranks of municipal government 10 years ago, he enjoyed a 20 year career in mid-market commercial banking with several of Canada’s largest banks. He gained entrepreneurial experience through four other start-up businesses, ranging from software development to commercial real estate development and financial management consulting.

While working as an independent business consultant Glen was hired by the McMaster Industry Liaison Office in 2005 to conduct a commercialization study on the MMI developed by the University to select incoming medical students. It was Glen’s original analysis that led to the establishment of Prospecthr MMI (originally known as ProFitHR). The original shareholders of the company, all of whom are still involved today, were McMaster University, two of the professors at McMaster who were instrumental in the research and creation of the technique, and Glen.

In addition to his role as Board Chair, Glen is the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Helen Hale Tomasik MSc, CHRL

Director, Business Development and Member of Prospecthr MMI Board

Helen Hale Tomasik, a municipal services director with progressive and diverse leadership experience, retired as Executive Director of Human Resources & Organizational Development, City of Hamilton. Prior to being a certified HR Leader, Helen served as Director of Strategic Services, Director of Healthy Lifestyles & Disease Prevention, and Director of Nutrition Services for the City of Hamilton/Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth.

Helen began her career as an academic nutritionist with the University of Manitoba and University of Guelph. Throughout her municipal government career, Helen held adjunct professor positions at the University of Guelph and McMaster University which kept her in touch with education and research. It was the evidence-based research on the effectiveness of the MMI that convinced Helen to use the MMI as a talent assessment tool at the City of Hamilton. The City was the first organization to use the MMI as an employment selection tool.

Now as the Director of Business Development for Prospecthr MMI, Helen focuses her attention on the potential the MMI has to assist public sector organizations with their talent recruitment, assessment and succession management goals. Helen can be reached at

Peter Rakoczy

Member of Prospecthr MMI Board

Peter Rakoczy is president of Trillium Pointe Business Solutions Inc., providing business coaching and consulting to business owners and leaders. In addition to his board work at Prospecthr MMI, Peter performed as the Interim CEO for 2 years. Peter is also on the board of RBB Innovations. Previously, Peter worked for PowerBand Global where he was CEO. Before going to PowerBand, Peter worked for Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington as General Manager of Worldwide Enterprise Services. Peter’s previous Microsoft role was Senior Director of Enterprise Services in Microsoft Canada. Additionally, Peter was on the board of Cyence International Inc. for five years until its successful acquisition in 2008.

Peter joined Microsoft in 1997 through the acquisition of LinkAge Software. While at LinkAge, Peter was Director of Professional Services. He started his career at the Royal Bank of Canada in Information Technology.

Peter has coached and consulted throughout his career in small, medium and large companies and thrives on helping others achieve their goals. Peter can be reached at

Jack Rosenfeld, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Prospecthr MMI

Jack Rosenfeld is Professor Emeritus with the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, McMaster University. Jack was a front-line tutor, administrator and researcher in medical education with a focus on the evaluation of medical students. He served as Chair of the Admissions Committee for McMaster University. During this service he initiated studies that led to an increase in the admission standards to McMaster. As co-creator of the MMI, Jack first identified its cost-effectiveness relative to the traditional interview. Jack served on the Joint Intellectual Properties Board of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences and on the I2I Committee of the National Science and Engineering Research Council responsible for funding industrial academic research.

During his service on the evaluation committee of the medical school at McMaster, Jack chaired the Objective Structure Clinical Evaluation exams. Based on this experience, he recognized that the same technique could be used to select medical students from the pool of applicants. His cost-effectiveness analysis of the new technique (termed the Multiple Mini Interview or MMI) convinced his fellow researchers to conduct the studies that also demonstrated its reliability and validity. These publications led to the adoption of the MMI in universities around the world. His interest in commercialization of university intellectual property led to the development of Prospecthr MMI and he now serves as its Chief Operations Officer.

Paul Grunthal, MSc

Prospecthr MMI Board Advisor

Paul Grunthal, a Business Development Manager for Physical Sciences and Engineering at McMaster University, is passionate about helping inventors bring their technologies to market. He has extensive experience in intellectual property assessment, commercialization, licensing, grant writing, product development, and sales and marketing. Paul’s experience spans the public, private, and non-for-profit sectors working with small, medium and large organizations.

Paul has been nurturing the commercial success of the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) since 2006. His proficiency as an MMI interviewer, station writer, and content developer is bolstered by his experience as a career and business mentor. In 2008, he helped establish the university-based startup to commercialize the MMI. Currently, he sits on the company’s Board as their intellectual property (IP) and commercialization advisor.

Paul consults on technology, funding, and IP related issues as the principal of Kimago Group Ltd. He strives to help start-ups and small and medium sized companies (SMEs) accelerate their path to successful commercialization.

Paul’s most rewarding experiences come from the success of the students, start-ups, inventors, and companies he has helped over the years.