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The ProFit HR tools evaluate crucial soft skills, for example

  • Communication
  • Co-operation & Team Work
  • Critical Thinking
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Inter-personal Relations
  • Professionalism
  • Negotiation

Our suite of products solutions are ideal soft skills evaluation tools for clients, in the Corporate, Government and Academic sectors, worldwide.

How Can ProFit help your organization?

Many interview techniques do not assess soft skills very well because of halo effects and context specificity. The halo effect comes from the first impression an applicant makes on an interviewer. Problems with context specificity happen because some candidates perform better in familiar situations. Interview-savvy applicants can also focus on issues within their zone of comfort and skew an assessment.

ProFit solutions eliminate both these problems.

What makes ProFit HR solutions much more reliable and more predictable for behaviour screening for on the job performance?

It’s the fact that each candidate is assessed by between 6-12 selected criteria (the number depending on the user’s preference) so that the candidate is assessed in multiple different contexts on a specific structured topic. From human resources to graduate and professional school admissions, the ProfitHR suites will ensure you are raising candidate quality to help you select from the best candidates.
ProFitHR | Public Sector

ProFitHR | Public Sector

ProFitHR is used by government departments at all levels of government, for both hiring and promotion purposes. This is particularly well-suited for those departments wanting to hire those with strong self-management skills such as a commitment to continuous learning.
ProFitHR | Corporate

ProFitHR | Corporate

The Corporate suite contains customizable HR resources enabling businesses to assess candidates based on their corporate criteria. The ProfitHR system also allows interviewers to hone in on specific soft skills. This is critical for

  • Hiring for high-stakes positions
  • Internal promotions
  • Group hiring
ProFitHR | Academic

ProFitHR | Academic

Our Academic suite includes materials directly related to student achievement and performance via objective structured clinical examination. This technology was pioneered by McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The package is easily tailored to reflect the core competencies of the school or institution. Our proven Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) package can be used for

  • Admission interviews
  • Internal promotions
  • External hiring

White Paper

Read the white paper on using MMI to effectively differentiate pharmacy students.

The faculty determined MMI allowed applicants to showcase communication, critical thinking and opinions.  Students found “Candidates Day” a positive experience. We invite you to contact us  for a complimentary consultation to assess your needs. For a list of the organizations we have helped click here.

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